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Mon Jan 3 21:21:21 UTC 2022

Hi folks.I have a question, one of my incarnations as a crafter is as a romance writer.  I have dumped some folks on another planet, that has clay but does not utilize it.  One of my characters is, of course, a potter (elsewise why ask here).Can someone point me towards the geology of clay and how to test it, in an unknown venue, for proper firing temps and food safety postfiring......I want to play with this, but introducing clay to the previous colonizers i need a solid source of information.I own I am guilry of NOT knowing the science behind finding, digging and amending my own clay and worse not knowing where to find the resource information itself.  Glazes we have wonderful sources.....But i truly dont understand how a clay pit became a clay pit.  So would you folks who do understqnd the geology, the digging and amending of clay llease send me to your favorite resources.  Thus, at 60 I may learn more about my favorite medium.Sent from my Galaxy
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