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Tue Jan 4 02:01:38 UTC 2022

Come on, Vince, sometimes you say things that are truly puzzling.

No Japanese shino (you know, actual real shinos) has spodumene in it (as
far as I am aware).

Spodumene is an American affectation. Pretty much the only reason it's
included is to reduce the amount of crazing that's induced by the soda ash
(which again is an American affectation). Low melt spodumene (which was
really amblygonite) was handy because of its low melting point, but that
hasn't been available for years. I bet you could replace spodumene with
NephSy and some kaolin, you'd just have to put up with more crazing.

I wonder if you could replace the soda ash with borax if the crazing is
bothersome. It would almost certainly alter the results somewhat, but it
would allow the techniques that use the solubility of soda ash to decorate
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