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I like your 'human' quote Vince! Standing ovation to you CME Craft Movement
Era potters (1950 - 1999~) who through extensive trial and error and sheer
hard work built the road upon which we all walk. Last year, someone sent me
a recipe that contained an ingredient I'd never even heard of, and I'm sure
only potter's with old cache stores of ingredients would own. Thus, I am
still interested in starting a wider conversation about keeping the studio
process/supply/repair access going as conditions challenge. [clayart] seems
like an amazing resource to continue *real* information. I am so grateful
for the kind responses to emails from [clayart] people. I wish I'd been
part of the era when you gathered to meet during NCECA; I at least look up
all your websites.  Are other potters also having trouble getting raw
ingredients to make their clay? I've had to switch plans more than once
this year because I couldn't even get the materials to make clay or a
favorite glaze. Continental Clay Co. has been outstanding to help us these
two years, and I've brought in food for the whole crew more than once. With
all the w-o-r-k involved, I find no shame in having a career job and being
a 'hobby' potter because pottery is still significant hours. So much of
pottery has to be love of the craft, and not $ per hour. When art centers
use terms like "Magic Water" and don't give a recipe, I understand that
most won't care or need to know, or that some glazes are part of their
signature look. Are the pottery 'descendants' of Mel, Vince and others
continuing to TEACH "building" a studio and "building" kilns, and "firing"
outside the range the ingredient label specifies? When some core CME
potters 'retire', will others know how to fix anything, fire the kilns or
adjust glazes?
I hope I have thrown out enough bait for more to bite on.
Kindest Regards,
(Restarted pottery after kids, 2019)

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> Hi Robert -
> You give me credit for knowing more than I do.  I know a lot, but when I
> make a mistake or unintentionally post misleading information on Clayart,
> someone responds expressing surprise and implying that I should have known
> better.  I appreciate their confidence in me, but I'm only human.  I
> remember one of those silly placards pinned up in offices that said, "To
> err is human.  Must you be so human?"
> I guess I don't have any Japanese shino recipes.  I checked all my shino
> recipes and they all contained spodumene.  I'll look into this further,
> because I'd like to introduce more shinos into my soda firings.   I might
> even be able to do it without any American affectations.
> - Vince
> Vince Pitelka
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> Come on, Vince, sometimes you say things that are truly puzzling.
> No Japanese shino (you know, actual real shinos) has spodumene in it (as
> far as I am aware).
> Spodumene is an American affectation. Pretty much the only reason it's
> included is to reduce the amount of crazing that's induced by the soda ash
> (which again is an American affectation). Low melt spodumene (which was
> really amblygonite) was handy because of its low melting point, but that
> hasn't been available for years. I bet you could replace spodumene with
> NephSy and some kaolin, you'd just have to put up with more crazing.
> I wonder if you could replace the soda ash with borax if the crazing is
> bothersome. It would almost certainly alter the results somewhat, but it
> would allow the techniques that use the solubility of soda ash to decorate
> pots.
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