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Clay and Glazes for the Potter by Rhodes has a chapter on all that!


> Hi folks.I have a question, one of my incarnations as a crafter is  
> as a romance writer.  I have dumped some folks on another planet,  
> that has clay but does not utilize it.  One of my characters is, of  
> course, a potter (elsewise why ask here).Can someone point me  
> towards the geology of clay and how to test it, in an unknown venue,  
> for proper firing temps and food safety postfiring......I want to  
> play with this, but introducing clay to the previous colonizers i  
> need a solid source of information.I own I am guilry of NOT knowing  
> the science behind finding, digging and amending my own clay and  
> worse not knowing where to find the resource information itself.   
> Glazes we have wonderful sources.....But i truly dont understand how  
> a clay pit became a clay pit.  So would you folks who do understqnd  
> the geology, the digging and amending of clay llease send me to your  
> favorite resources.  Thus, at 60 I may learn more about my favorite  
> medium.Sent from my Galaxy
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