mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Tue Jan 4 21:32:17 UTC 2022

I bought an IBM aptiva computer on my 61st birthday.
I am now 87.  That is 26 years ago.

we were all using dial-up modems "win 95" and this IBM had one
built in. It was rotten, slow and broke down.  There was a National
suit and IBM lost. I got $8.56 returned to me.

Many people were using AOL.  To upload anything was like ten minutes.

I found a young man that was starting his own network/email etc.  I begged
him to let me join. "potter61 at tonka.com"/ That became melpots.
That company became visi.com, then skyrocket into the bank security business.
I still remember his name..."Gary Whitehead". They dropped out of websites
and email. Go Daddy helped me migrate my webpages to them, and I pay for
melpots at mail.com

Nils Lou told me that a couple of college prof guys were doing an online chat
Q at A with Listserve. We joined. Good fellows, but it was overwhelming them.
They moved Clayart to American Ceramics Society***...Ruth Butler/cm
She asked me to moderate. "ok, I will give it a try."  Still doing it.
At least two hours, every day, 365. I still love clayart, it is a vital

And please remember, I have read every email sent to Clayart for the last
20 years.  Every one.

*** AMACO wanted to make clayart a "pay as you go".  I said no way on earth.
They threw it out. I saved it. had a total copy of the mailing list, turned
it into an LLC and Arnold helped Paragon to give us background support. He
found the isp in Australia.  A commercial listserve will cost for about
5000 names $8,000 a year.  (or more.)  The Aussies are giving us a real

COMMERCIAL ON THE WAY.   **************************************$
If any of you has a few spare bucks after the holiday...drop a paypal
gift to clayart.  Go to the clayart page, click on the APP, and use
any credit card to help us out.  just click on the url below.

website: www.melpots.com

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