[Clayart] it is with sadness i report

Paul Lewing pjlewing at comcast.net
Thu Jan 6 18:44:54 UTC 2022

Mel, what exactly happened?

I’m so glad to have Clayart back.  For some reason I had not been gettin it for several years and I thought it had died.

With so many other ways to communicate these days, I don’t suppose Clayart will ever be again what it was, but for it s first 10 years or so, it was one of the most important developments in ceramics.  One of the things I’ve always loved about the clay community is that it really is a community.  More so than any other group of people I’ve ever found.  NCECA was that when Clayart was founded, but only for those who attended.  Soon after I first signed up, I was telling my wife how much I loved it, and she said, “Of course you do- it’s NCECA every day”.  And Clayart was the best thing that ever happened to NCECA.

For me personally, Clayart has been hugely important.  About the time it really got going good, I had taught some kind of workshop or lecture in about half of the US states.  I decided to see if I could do all 50.  I eventually did that, and the CM workshop listings, NCECA and Clayart made that possible.

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