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Mel sez: " And please remember, I have read every email sent to Clayart for the last
20 years.  Every one.   Mel"
Mel you mean you read even the ones we wish we hadn't sent at 3:00 Am!!! OMG    (Added some color​ though, didn't it?!)
I never liked Beige either, so when Clayart occasionally became a bit too tedious......or sleepy, "tongue in cheek" observations and retorts, or "stirring the pot" gave some relief even if some dear folks got their teeth all snagged up in their hosiery ...................

​Misneach......Go with courage.............
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Happy New Year,

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I bought an IBM aptiva computer on my 61st birthday.
I am now 87.  That is 26 years ago.

we were all using dial-up modems "win 95" and this IBM had one
built in. It was rotten, slow and broke down.  There was a National
suit and IBM lost. I got $8.56 returned to me.

Many people were using AOL.  To upload anything was like ten minutes.

I found a young man that was starting his own network/email etc.  I begged
him to let me join. "potter61 at tonka.com"/ That became melpots.
That company became visi.com, then skyrocket into the bank security
I still remember his name..."Gary Whitehead". They dropped out of websites
and email. Go Daddy helped me migrate my webpages to them, and I pay for
melpots at mail.com

Nils Lou told me that a couple of college prof guys were doing an online
Q at A with Listserve. We joined. Good fellows, but it was overwhelming them.
They moved Clayart to American Ceramics Society***...Ruth Butler/cm
She asked me to moderate. "ok, I will give it a try."  Still doing it.
At least two hours, every day, 365. I still love clayart, it is a vital

And please remember, I have read every email sent to Clayart for the last
20 years.  Every one.

*** AMACO wanted to make clayart a "pay as you go".  I said no way on earth.
They threw it out. I saved it. had a total copy of the mailing list, turned
it into an LLC and Arnold helped Paragon to give us background support. He
found the isp in Australia.  A commercial listserve will cost for about
5000 names $8,000 a year.  (or more.)  The Aussies are giving us a real

COMMERCIAL ON THE WAY.   **************************************$
If any of you has a few spare bucks after the holiday...drop a paypal
gift to clayart.  Go to the clayart page, click on the APP, and use
any credit card to help us out.  just click on the url below.

website: www.melpots.com<http://www.melpots.com>

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