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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Fri Jan 7 12:51:52 UTC 2022

When I became moderator of clayart for the CerSociety a very wealthy
friend ask if he could help with a donation of any kind.  At the time
I was interested in "liability".  Who knows what can happen out in the
land of ether.  He sent a large amount of money to the society in the form
of stock funds. Non-profit.

We used that money to buy some kilns, wheels, and stipends for potters in
need. I did not take trips to the Bahamas. I rarely gave out the names of
recipients. (you know. "how come he got money???")

When the Society dropped clayart, the fund was not given back to me. I became
the wealthy donor. (yah, you betcha.)

(a business sidebar. I tried to buy liability insurance for clayart LLC. My ins broker
said there is no such thing. It is all air.  you cannot sue someone for opinions in the
air. It is not real. I asked about bullies, high school kids that use the net to bully
poor kids, and then they commit suicide. Almost impossible to prove. Clayart is all Air.)

The fund goes from a few hundred to $56.28.  I pay myself a small token to pay for high
speed internet, computer repair etc. I break even. I sent Arnold a small check last week
as he had to take time from his repair business to get Aussieland on the ball.
Arnold, Bill Schran and Dannon are always there for consulting.

So, the bottom line is that Clayart is a love affair. My paying back to the world of
ceramics for what it has done for me.

And the best thing...there is no gender, no race, no religion. You are just clay folks. I really
never know. But, I have thousands of email address' in my head.  "Oh my god, you are pottergirl at aol.com"

Sharlene thought ""Dannon Rhudy"" was two men.  Dan and Rudy.

So,if you go to the paypal app and send a few bucks, it will get used in a positive way. And as I love
to say...as with pbs...you don't have to listen to a tape of the "MaMa`s and the PaPa`s, or DooWap.
And, I don't want to burst bubbles, but pbs tv and radio are owned by private companies, they just
use your money.  Now, when you die, pbs can get your house, cars and money.  And you get to sign up for
it. "Community Spirit". Hmmmmmmm.

website: www.melpots.com

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