[Clayart] Minneapolis has turned into a night mare city.

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Hi Wayne.
Don't give in so easily to Cousin Vinnie.
You fellows have no case for argument or apologies because there is this "strange little Compendium of historical and prophetic books," that go back more than several thousand years, carrying clear warnings that if one ignores history, one will suffer the consequences of a repeat.

I say "strange" because this "book," while so accurate in its internal detail, is widely criticized. ignored, often misquoted, or quoted when a particular isolated passage seems, on cursory reading, to support a preconceived and preferred personal belief or agenda.

Love you both,

Woof.....a serious student of ancient, and modern history which is so clearly following the ancient patterns.
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Oops.  You're right.  Sorry...


On 1/7/2022 9:49 AM, vpitelka at dtccom.net wrote:
> Hi Wayne -
> Always good to hear your "voice" on Clayart.  But a small correction:
> “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana, The Life of Reason, 1905. From the series Great Ideas of Western Man.
> Vince Pitelka
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