[Clayart] What are you doing?

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sun Jan 9 13:50:34 UTC 2022

`Good skill` with your new commission work snail.
and yes, skill always trumps "luck".

Now, what are some of "you folks" out there doing???

I want to hear from many of you that are back on clayart.
How is your life, work, projects, family????? I smiled when
I saw Mae Spencer joined clayart this morning. She was at
Pigeon Lake with us wayyyyy back in the mid 70's. I bet she is
over 50 years old by now...no, no...gotta think about that.

Lots of other bright lights show up in the "just joined", and I
must approve or reject them.

I basically live alone now at the "farm".  Since the pottery froze solid
I am doing a great deal of upgrading in my house. It was -24 the other day
and I could see window air leaking so, bought new "window treatment".  They
are a sorta fabric paper that self stick to the casing. you cut the entire
unit with a jig and knife. (had to use 3 tiny screws, the glue did not stick
to the natural wood casing. They fit with about a -1/4 inch gap. about 80% perfect.
and no drafts.

My neighbor rod made a huge built in table that joins my work table. Nice.
5 kinds of wood, all glued up and varnished. "All re-purposed".  And, all new
lighting.  That is my new small painting area, drawing, idea center.  It will
double as a great feeding center when we have Hay Creek. It will seat 8 men
for breakfast. (Women all live together at my daughter's 5 bedroom house, also
home made.  I have always made living space for women that is totally private
and it allows them to sit around in the morning in their jammies eating and
drinking 5 pots of coffee, tea, and eating fruit and grain.

it is funny how they sneak over and sit around my house, and say..."Mel, will you make
me eggs, bacon, hash browns and white bread toast??? slathered with grape jelly. "OK"
Private space is only on the south end.  Gotta be careful or we hear..."Who pee'd off
the deck during the night.....????? (we all did.)

I have said many times..."Hay Creek is the safest place for women in the United States."
Men too.
Love to all, Mel
Hay Creek camp is older than Clayart. I do keep things going forward.
It is called commitment. Pigeon Lake camp has been sold. Auctioned off.
Who needs outdoor biology. ???? ichthyology, ??? just look science up on
google.   All the buildings were hand made by the Industrial art students
at Stout UofWisc. Kids got 5 credits and pay to build the camp over thirty
years.  Bronze screens..ever seen it.?

website: www.melpots.com

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