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Mon Jan 10 00:56:06 UTC 2022

This is interesting.  I enjoy reading the posts about what others are doing.  I am taking a break from the studio to work on writing and play music.  I'm having a wonderful time.  I am a walker, every morning, three or four miles, and I have been writing about it - how I started, how I have kept it up, and what it means to me, because I was a completely non-athletic kid.  I hated sports.  

Those on the list for a long time will remember that in 1996, after I had been on the faculty at Tennessee Tech for only two years, the University administration announced that they were going to close down the Appalachian Center for Craft as of 1998 and we would all lose our jobs.  Facing the loss of my dream job, I figured I better do whatever I could to feel positive and confident.  I started eating a healthier diet and began walking every morning.  I've never stopped except for a broken leg, three ankle surgeries, and a knee replacement.  In each case I started walking for exercise again as soon as I was able.  And of course we saved the Craft Center and I taught there for another 20 years until my retirement in 2018.  

I play my guitar and sing songs for an hour or two every afternoon before dinner, depending on what Linda and I are fixing for dinner.  But I was doing that even during the very busy months before the Chatham Artists Guild Studio Tour in December.  It's an important part of my daily ritual - long walk early in the morning, an hour or two of music in the late afternoon, and whatever else I need to do in between.  
- Vince

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