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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Tue Jan 11 13:18:16 UTC 2022

I totally agree...a few pounds of lithium would last me
ten years.

If you produce your own glazes, re/cycle clay, run a
studio that you control....the cost of materials can be very low.
In the scheme of things, almost a non-factor. I have glaze materials
for at least three more years. I have beans and rice here at the
farm for at least two years. I saw 15 deer on the hill last week.
hmmm, one would last me a year if i smoked the meat.

My major thought was for those that buy all ready made. A pint of glaze
for $35.  My base glazes/  I can make 20 gallons for a few dollars.
I have two Walker pug mills.

Just that simple thought is how I was able to have six classes a day
making pots..at the top end...180 kids.

Remember the story.  50 gallon garbage can on wheels.  two bags of
volcanic ash, two bags of gertsely. add some zircopax and that made
50 gallons of base glaze. cone 4.  at the time it was like 40 bucks.
We named the glaze Mount St. Helen's.  (Volcano)

When I left, the new teacher said `that much glaze is silly and hard
to make. she bought pint jars.`

If you order 50,000 lbs of clay for your school program, it may not get filled.
And that price may triple, if they deliver.  The folks at both Minnesota clay
and continental are very worried. What happens if the ball clay mine shuts down.??
As was said yesterday..."potters get the left overs."

No one ever tells us what happens to all those huge car batteries. They die you know.
And, you pay cash for a new one. 10 grand.??  re/cycle. ???  I think Canada takes them.
It is far from Nirvana.    Oh, and there is a plane that runs on a battery. Flies for
8 minutes. The battery is heavier than the plane.  As the joke years back. "We have an
electric plane. 85,000 Dollars.  $5000 for the plane, $80,000 for the extension cord.
It is like the neighbor, She says she won $300 at the casino last month, She only spent
$500 to get it. Simple math you know.

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