[Clayart] Commercial vs homemade

Antoinette Badenhorst porcelainbyantoinette at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 14:10:30 UTC 2022

I’ve always been a cheapskate. A good home-cooked meal over eating out spilled over into my studio, so if I can make it, I do not buy it. It keeps my studio different, keeps my mind enquiring and does NOT necessarily save money. It definitely takes more time. 
Last year a potter in Tennessee, just over the MS border died in a motorcycling accident. I took over everything in his small studio for a very reasonable price. There was pints and pints of commercial glazes included. I checked on some prices and was shocked to see some of the prices of 1 gallon of glaze, but I am curious to see if I can use it. Play with it for sure and I do think it is a luxury to have available some times. 

Best wishes, 
Antoinette Badenhorst

International Academy of Ceramics
Mississippi Arts Commission

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