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Wed Jan 12 18:17:25 UTC 2022

Dear Clayart community,
I've been reading your posts for years now and they are always there when I
need a lift.  Finally now I'll start adding my 2 cents.
Home-made vs. commercial glazes.
I started with a few pints of commercial glaze about 20 years ago.  Working
full time, 2 small kids, then 4 kids, and those glazes were worth every
penny.  I had no idea what a glaze could do or even how to fire my manual
kiln.  But I enjoyed the clay so much and gradually learned more and more
about the glazes.  Now my garage is full of EPK and FF3134 and
wollastonite, etc., and my basement is full of buckets of this and that,
and I still use some of the commercial glazes together with my own.  I
don't think I have saved money by making my own glazes, but it is a
wonderful journey.    I'm like the winner of $300, I sell a few pots but my
clay costs far more than what I bring in.  I imagine the casino winner
(thanks to her winnings) spent $200 for a wonderful
vacation/entertainment.  Likewise, making beautiful things brings me great
joy, and I consider the net cost a good deal indeed.

Thank you all for posts through the years,
Janet Leatherwood

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