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Thanks Mel, like you said: "Nothing like going to law school and being a damn smart human."

 You got me reminiscing as well.

 My Best friend, Evans, in first and second grade elementary, entered first grade straight off the Ho-chunk Rez. with no working understanding of English, and he received no breaks from the Anglo teachers,   Keep up or drop out.

Evans was highly intelligent with keen intellect and so here is a story worth telling...........

As was the usual in those times He'd been placed in an off Rez Anglo foster home just before school started that fall.
 Imagine not understanding a new language and being forbidden to speak your native tongue as well!!!

Living in the same neighborhood, we would run home after school. Equally matched in speed and endurance.  I can still hear his full throat-ed gleeful laughter and see his face lit with Joy.

The joy was a celebration of our friendship and the exuberant joy in running, not for competition but joy to be running for running sake with a trusted friend.

Evans went to Law School, earned a Juris Doctorate, and returned home about the time the Township where we lived, had presumptuously squatted on Indian Land to build a huge complex to house and maintain their road maintenance equipment.

The Indian people were ready to go to war.
But when Evans entered the meeting, finger to his lips, he said shssss I have this covered. Let them build our first Casino for us.

Not another word of protest.  (The Anglos should have noticed that the Indians were being too quiet!) (Ho wah)

 The tables turned at the ribbon cutting festivities, as the ribbon was about to be cut, Evans with a supporting "warrior" entourage stepped up, served the papers and held out his hand "We'd like the keys Please"
Anglo Corporate Council was attending the festivities, and after reading the papers, said "yes!  Give the Indians the keys."   A bit of Legal rubber stamping thru the Court and the complex was refitted and became the Casino for the Ho-chunk Nation.

The casino employed many and the money raised the standard and quality of life on the Rez and in the larger community as well.

Soon to follow were a Medical clinic. preschool classrooms, Legal office where Pro Bono was offered to those in need.  Indian administrated police force.....emergency government facility. first responders etc etc. everything to make a community function productively and enjoyably.

I write this to honor my Friend and Brother in Arms, Evans, (now deceased) who literally lived his life and gave his life to and for his people.

Like you said Mel: "Nothing like going to law school and being a damn smart human........Mel"


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I told Sharlene, back in 83 when the Casino Opened
seven miles from us at Turtle Lake.
"We will go there, donate money to the Ojibway tribe,
eat a good meal and laugh a great deal.

My neighbor donates a great deal of money to the Ojibway
community.  As it should be.

The very first Indian Gaming in the USA came from a kid from Burnsville, MN
high school.  Went to law school at the U, and started to sell
cigarettes from an old rickety camper. He won his case, selling
on the reservation, then he sold booze tax free, won that suit too, then Bingo, then
came in the first "one armed bandit.". Now it is a billion $ industry.
Nothing like going to law school and being a damn smart human.

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