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Jen Birenbach jbirenbach at speedymail.org
Tue Jan 18 14:47:52 UTC 2022

Apple watches are great - if it’s the same one I have and you’re wearing it on your wrist, it can detect a fall on its own & call for you.

If you don’t get up in a reasonable amount of time, it will alert 911 for you. 

It has saved many people- one person I read about was knocked unconscious from a bike fall & woke in the hospital- the watch did the work.

The thing is, it may need to be worn on your wrist to work properly- I’m not sure though, worth a check.

Great idea! 

On Mon, Jan 17, 2022, at 3:38 PM, mel jacobson wrote:
> My loving family is on my A** to be much more
> safety conscious living alone in the woods. My doctor
> neighbor is 500 yards away, but if i should fall and
> get knocked out, fall down the steps, whatever....I may
> be stuck.  I bought one of those "hep me, me can't get up"
> sort of devices but it is like 15 bucks a month and you
> get a dispatcher, maybe.  The arm bracelet is like wearing
> an alarm clock. (west bend, big ben.)
> I went into the big Verizon store in Rice Lake last week
> and sought out the manager. I said...."if I was your dad
> what sort of iwatch should I buy?.  New Verizon price like
> $1200.
> He said "the truth is, you want just the SOS feature, not the
> workout schedule.  He said...go to Amazon and get the cheapest
> one, re/built.  He said those are new, but had a battery issue.
> $185.   Who knows what you get on craigs list etc.""
> So, got one.
> I cut the strap, wove in a nice neck strap, Put it on each morning
> and and i really don't even know it is on me.  it makes a small
> shudder when i get a call. email same thing...It has my entire
> mailing list/contacts on it.  I can SOS any of my family or neighbor.
> It works on both verizon, or gps. 911 answers if i hold down the
> off button for 6 seconds.  The 911 operator can pinpoint me within
> 25 yards. If I should take a really bad, hard tumble, it can sense
> that and call 911.  (The ads are running now on TV.)
> I have added large handles in my shower.  double railings for my two step
> drop to the living room, bedroom.  As many of  you do, I do leave my iphone
> on desk tops and jacket pockets.  This system keeps me in touch except when I
> am in bed. But the watch is hanging 3 seconds from my pillow.
> So, just information passing.  One cannot be too careful living all alone.
> me
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