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Fri Jan 21 17:11:33 UTC 2022

I’m with Mel on this. A friend who does whimsical clay (dragons, etc) wanted me to throw cups for him using my clay. I fire to cone 10. He fired to cone 6. I tried to warn him that the cups wouldn’t be vitrified but he insisted it would be ok. It wasn’t. They leaked. If you are not doing functional ware I don’t think it matters. But, if you are, you need a clay formulated to a narrow firing range that you would be firing at. 

Kathi LeSueur

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> On Jan 21, 2022, at 11:34 AM, Vanessa Greene <bequiet at att.net> wrote:
> Any thoughts from all you experienced potters about those clays that are marketed as a wide ranging temp clay, cone 6-10…..are they really fully vitrified at cone 6? I hear very different opinions about this…..what absorption rate is necessary for functionally food safe pots?  ( continental clays B clay, Buff etc…. )
> I have always fired these clays to cone 10 but some people suggest that these clays are suitable for both cone 6 and 10 firings. Thoughts? 
> Vanessa Greene

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