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Hi Vanessa - 
You are right to question us about this.  I feel strongly that any clay supplier that claims such a broad firing range is being dishonest.  The reality is that no clay can span such a firing range in terms of the requirements of utilitarian clay vessels.  If the claybody is mature at cone-6, it will be over-vitrified and brittle at cone-10, highly at risk of cracking due to thermal shock.  If it is mature at cone-10, it will be under-fired and porous at cone-6. 

Buy a claybody from a supplier that is honest about the firing range of their claybodies.  And please make your feelings known to any clay supplier who claims such an unrealistically broad firing range.
- Vince

Vince Pitelka
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Any thoughts from all you experienced potters about those clays that are marketed as a wide ranging temp clay, cone 6-10…..are they really fully vitrified at cone 6? I hear very different opinions about this…..what absorption rate is necessary for functionally food safe pots?  ( continental clays B clay, Buff etc…. ) I have always fired these clays to cone 10 but some people suggest that these clays are suitable for both cone 6 and 10 firings. Thoughts? 

Vanessa Greene

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