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Coming late to this discussion, but I like the North Star. I like being 
able to adjust thickness with gears, instead of having to slide pieces 
of masonite in and out from under the roller. This makes thickness 
infinitely adjustable.

> I had some hesitations about posting this, but I think it is important that Jeff get honest opinions, even if they qualify as negative reviews.  I have looked hard at the Hi-Roller slab-roller, and while I really appreciate the spirit of adventure and ingenuity that went into it's creation, I don't think it compares to a horizontal slab roller, and it is very expensive.  The space-saving feature is a falsehood, because every studio needs table/bench space, and every horizontal slab roller is a table when it's not rolling slabs.  And if you have the Hi-Roller up against a wall, that's one wall where you can't put shelves or a cabinet.  I have repeatedly watched the demos of the Hi-Roller at NCECA, and I am not at all impressed.  And I am an equipment geek.  I love machinery and innovation and have been working with machines all my life.  This thing is a bad idea.
> My primary work has mostly been slab-built for the past 35 years, and I have taught slab-building in all my college classes and handbuilding workshops.  I have used slab-rollers by Brent, Bailey, North Star, Shimpo, Frema, and Axner, and the only one of those I would definitely stay away from is the Brent, because of the cost and the limitations of the shim system, compared to the infinitely-variable slab-thickness in the other brands.
> I think that Jeff had the right idea to begin with sticking with Bailey, North Star, or Shimpo.
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> You should look hard at this one...
> The Original Hi Roller is the fastest, easiest, most durable, and least dusty slab-making machine available today. The innovative forming process and flat/touchless removal technique is amazing.
> Your space-savings is just a bonus.
> Checking it out here is free, easy,
> and well worth your time. Made in the USA originalhiroller.com
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