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William Schran wschran at twc.com
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2% or less I believe is what John Hesselberth & Ron Roy recommend as
absorption rate in their book "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes" and I also
recommend this to artists producing functional ware.
I use a local clay, Star 6 Red produced by Starworks Clay, read more
here: https://www.starworksnc.org/starworks-clay. Their cone 6 clays
formulated with local clays have absorption rates of 1.68% and 1.92%
and I often fire these closer to a cone 7. I'm VERY fortunate to live
nearby a small producer of local clay.

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 Regarding acceptable porosity of fired clay for functional ware, I
 to one of the head people at a large clay company many years ago to
find a
 good body for cone 10, and he said it should be 2% or less. I don't
 if he gave any reasoning. I won't give you the names involved in case
 have misremembered, but I still go by that myself. YMMV.

 Anybody else have a different answer?

 On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 10:34 AM Vanessa Greene  wrote:

 > Any thoughts from all you experienced potters about those clays
that are
 > marketed as a wide ranging temp clay, cone 6-10…..are they really
 > vitrified at cone 6? I hear very different opinions about
 > absorption rate is necessary for functionally food safe pots? (
 > continental clays B clay, Buff etc…. )
 > I have always fired these clays to cone 10 but some people suggest
 > these clays are suitable for both cone 6 and 10 firings. Thoughts?
 > Vanessa Greene
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