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Finding One’s Way With Clay by Paulus Berensohn is a fantastic book on
pinch and elbow pots - and so much more. Out of print but readily available.

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> It includes, a 36 inch square piece of canvas, used.
> two 1/4 inch sticks 36 inches long.
> 1 very large rolling pin, used in a bakery.
> It all rolls up and fits behind your wheel until needed.
> It can be used left to right, right to left, top to bottom
> and bottom to top  or, rolled at any angle. Add newspaper
> and it can be flipped over easily.
> One can add sawdust or silica sand to the canvas and
> make a lovely pattern. Ms.Rhudy adds string and stuff to
> make a rich surface.  Nice
> We are planning an international workshop here at the farm soon.
> "The rolling pin, a forgotten skill".
> We are looking for the 97 year old lady named "Sally" who taught
> us to "sling clay at an angle on a concrete floor".  Paper thin.
> We will also do a side lesson in "elbow pots".  Take a ball of clay
> in your hand and slam it into your opposite bare elbow. Great for soy
> sauce.
> You can make 100 of them in 45 minutes.
> meltheslab
> On sale.  $485.18
> Shipping.  $14.67
> (includes an instruction sheet with one photo.)
> The workshop is estimated to cost $2085.
> website: www.melpots.com
> www.melpots.com/CLAYART.HTML
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