[Clayart] Vertical pugmills

W Seidl wjsmaine at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 18:32:48 UTC 2022

IIRC (and I checked to be sure), 6 inch diameter (about 15.4cm) schedule 
80 PVC has a working p.s.i. (pounds per square inch) of 280, while 8 
inch (about 20.5cm) schedule 80 has a working pressure of only 250.  No 
idea how encasing it in concrete would affect the working pressure, but 
I should think you would need at least a 6 inch thick concrete wall of 
4000 psi concrete to deal with he same pressure.  Now, that begs the 
question: Is there that much pressure coming from clay through a pugmill?


Wayne in Maine

On 1/21/2022 5:20 PM, Robert Harris wrote:
> snip
> Also has anyone ever made a pugmill barrel out of plastic lined concrete
> (for all the people that complain about porcelain corroding steel) or is
> that mostly a tolerances problem? (I was imagining surrounding a high PSI
> PVC tube with concrete). What gap/tolerance is needed between the blades
> and the barrel in order that clay is pushed all the way through?
> Rob
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