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I would have to include Val Cushing, David Shaner ,Harding Black, Warren McKenzie,and I am just looking at a shelf of pots that I look at daily.  And the cup of tea in my hand would be a Tony Clennell.  If I thought about it I would include many more.  And why my answer would be pick up one of their pots and look at it. They need no explanation.

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I’m working on the curriculum for an advanced high school ceramics class. I have a question...and wanted to start a debate!!!! I find great value in learning from but not copying potters from years gone by. We already work with porcelain and Chinese forms, earthenware and Greek forms, Native American forms with slip decoration, and a few other cultures. What I want to compile is a list of twenty or so most influential potter/artists, from the past century or so, that I can use for research assignments. I have some of my favorites like Reitz, Voulkos, Coleman, Troy, etc. Suggestions and “why” would be welcomed. Variety is important.

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