[Clayart] great Pottery Throw Down? mending lamp base w/ glaze

Carolyn Curran cncpots2 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 20:30:30 UTC 2022

It just dawned on me that the Pottery Throw Down Show may be a weekly show
-which might explain the rushed schedule.  When you. binge  watch on a
streaming channel, you forget the time constraints.    But still, they use
a big deal expert kiln man to fire the pieces and you would think he  could
candle for longer period of time...   If I were a contestant, I would be
ticked off if my pieces were not dry. and exploded....especially when the
host potters always go on. and on  about drying the ware completely before
putting in the kiln.   Maybe they  have to sign a release  of some sort
before they get on the show.

And I still think  potters can't really use glaze as a mender in most

I think I am most of all fascinated by the toilet projects or other water
challenges  they show  on show.   And   of course  I am hyper critical when
they have  a  segment  throwing  pots in miniature scale,  since that's
been my thing for many decades.  Cheerio!
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