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The corollary to your point about "the most influential potters" is that if
Jeff doesn't include a few from other cultures or countries, or even
better, offbeat choices, then you're just instituting an echo chamber.

Which is far far worse.

On Fri, 28 Jan 2022 at 11:19, <vpitelka at dtccom.net> wrote:

> This is devolving into a fiasco of favorite potters or "best" potters
> rather
> than the twenty MOST INFLUENTIAL POTTERS of the past century, which is what
> Jeff Weiland asked for.  And by influential, I am assuming Jeff means the
> potters who had the greatest influence on the subsequent evolution of
> utilitarian studio pottery (not sculptural vessels or pure sculpture).  And
> if you are talking about the most influential on the evolution of
> utilitarian clay, it lets out all the most recent potters, however
> wonderful
> they are.
> My list is confined to the twenty potters who I think had the greatest
> influence on American utilitarian studio pottery, because that's what I
> know
> from my 30 years teaching ceramics in academia.  So please remember that
> this is must my own opinion.  I'm selecting from throughout the 20th
> century.  We don't have enough information on potters who have risen to
> success in the 21st century to know how influential they will be.
> Adelaide Alsop Robineau, Charles Fergus Binns, George Ohr, F. Carlton Ball,
> Bernard Leach, Michael Cardew, Val Cushing, Warren McKenzie, Toshiko
> Takaezu, Ken Ferguson, David Shaner, Lucie Rie, Shoji Hamada, Robin Hopper,
> Tom Coleman, Ellen Shankin, Jeff Oestreich, Linda Christianson, Randy
> Johnston, Josh DeWeese.
> Who have I left out?
> - Vince
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> I'm working on the curriculum for an advanced high school ceramics class. I
> have a question...and wanted to start a debate!!!! I find great value in
> learning from but not copying potters from years gone by. We already work
> with porcelain and Chinese forms, earthenware and Greek forms, Native
> American forms with slip decoration, and a few other cultures. What I want
> to compile is a list of twenty or so most influential potter/artists, from
> the past century or so, that I can use for research assignments. I have
> some
> of my favorites like Reitz, Voulkos, Coleman, Troy, etc. Suggestions and
> "why" would be welcomed. Variety is important.
> Jeff Weiland
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