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...and into the 1970's, still phone & letters. 
I was in graduate school, 1974, had just gotten Herbert Sanders book
"Glazes For Special Effects" and though an intensive section on
crystalline glazes I still had many questions. All the teachers and
potters I knew had never worked with these glazes, but I was in and
around Washington, DC, so I had the best source of information - The
Library of Congress. At this library you couldn't just wander through
the stacks, you had to know what book/periodical you wanted by name &
author, submit it and they would bring it to you.I wrote to Sanders
with some questions and suggestions for books & periodicals on
crystalline glazes he would recommend. I was surprised to get a
written letter from him a a couple weeks later with a list of
publications to read!
I was teaching and program head of our fine art program in the 1980's
when computers came into the college. Our division included all the
visual and performing art programs and it was decided we would work
with Apple computers. I quickly became interested in the operating
system of these computers and learned all I could about
troubleshooting . I never learned to code and software, guess there
was never enough time, but I quickly became the "tech" guy for our
division. I soon discovered many problems could be fixed by simply
turning off the computer and restarting. It was very busy time,
especially as many of the faculty in my program were getting close to
retiring. There were many days I had to visit several faculty offices
to "fix" their computers while they complained and asked why we simply
couldn't go back to mimeograph printers.....

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 It is hard to explain to new potters, young potters how it was
 in the "olden days". 1958.
 It took a year or three for anything to filter its way to Minnesota.
 California was like on the moon. No internet, no facebook, no utube.
 USPS or the phone, or get in your car and go someplace new.

 If you wanted to get information it came in the form of a written
letter, then
 hard for people to respond, it took time to reply.

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