[Clayart] Drugs and alcohol’s toll

Roxanne Hunnicutt roxhun at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 18:38:45 UTC 2022

“Jim McKinnell did it first and knew what he was doing.  I can see him at
his door to his home. In a tie and coat. Polite, astute. A college
professor. His wife Nan was lovely, and a fine potter too. They were a
team. Solid people, bright and did not smoke
dope, or act like fools.

The last time I saw Voulkus alive he had so much white powder up his nose
he could not function.  He sold all of his work and bought drugs. His
family was left with 0. He was not a hero to me...Jim McKinnell was.”

If we are discussing drugs, alcohol did significantly add to Volvos’
demise, right?

I read every issue, but don’t chime in much as you all seem to do well

And I never met or knew Volvos, but venture to ask, wasn’t alcohol as much
a detriment to his life and work?

I could be wrong!

Rox in Oregon. It’s nice today: no fog cover!
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