[Clayart] This list seems to have meandered on from Influential and Functional to people you have liked, admired, maybe worked with, as well as big names who didn’t REALLY influence functional work.

Antoinette Badenhorst porcelainbyantoinette at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 05:50:52 UTC 2022

Gail, I think the group in itself is influential. one person say one thing and it triggers an answer from someone else, which triggers a completely different idea with me. 

I said it many times before and I am going to say it again.  Clayart raised me. I walked in with 20 years experience and had some knowledge. When I moved on from pitfired porcelain (Vince will still disagree and say it was white ware. LOL. ) to highfire translucent porcelain, the answers that I needed came from big and small comments made. It triggered me to read more, to do more research. 

Mel sold my first translucent porcelain bowls for me in the Clayart room. I did not ask for him to do it. He was  there  when I was not and someone was interested in my work. He took the liberty to sell it and set the price. I was thrilled!  I would have charged half of what he got for me.

It built my confidence, to the point where I am flying solo for several years now. I teach  in different countries across the world, and is a published technical writer. 

We may think it is the big things that make big things happen. For me the opposite is true. The kindness and support that I received over the years from Clayart is what gave me the confidence that I needed. 

I made a comment about social media a few weeks ago. People take answers for granted. There is an attitude that I do not like. Not only is please and thank you out the door, but the like and love buttons are too accessible. Maybe it will tame down in time and I am sure it has its place, but in the end my loyalty stays here. I have sent many potters to clayart in the past. 

Off the soapbox while we are getting ready for the 4th and final eye procedure between me and Koos. January was a long month….. pickup no more than 10 lbs, stay out of the dust……Punishment for a potter!  

Best wishes, 
Antoinette Badenhorst

International Academy of Ceramics
Mississippi Arts Commission

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