[Clayart] Cone 10 oxidation firing

Mahaffey, Rick rmahaffey at tacomacc.edu
Wed Mar 16 17:18:02 UTC 2022

We fire our cone 10 oxidation in a small (12 cu ft.) gas downdraft kiln.  It is quite easy to fire in oxidation or reduction.
We don't fire our electric kilns to anything above cone 6.   If we had enough work we would fire cone 6 oxidation in the gas kiln as well.

Cone 6 or cone 10 are both hard on the elements and will drastically shorten the life on the elements and thermocouples in an electric kiln.

At San Jose State University, when I was a student, had several Globar electric kiln that were regularly fired to cone 10 + and in 3.5 years I only saw Globars replaced once because a student hit the globar with a shelf and cracked it.  Globars are silicon carbide tubes that provided the resistance to create the heat in the kiln.  Some of the Globars are designed to work at temperatures up to 3,000f.

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