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“She came back a few minutes later, lit the twist of newspaper, poked it in
a burner hole, and KABOOM!.  This was a cross-draft kiln, and thus the
student was on the side of the kiln, protected by the sturdy steel frame.
It blew her over backwards, knocked the wind out of her, and singed her a
bit, but she was not otherwise injured.  The door blew out and the arch
rose up
 in the air and collapsed, destroying the wares and the shelves. “

Once this was me!  I started to light my propane kiln and noticed one
burner was slight on. So I know it might blow!  I waited a half hour, crept
down so very low and when I lit the first burner, BOOM!

In my case the door that I stacked flew more than a meter straight out and
if I’d not been crouching, it would have hit me for sure!

I couldn’t hear for most of an hour!

Since then I’ve collected stories Especially of my famous female potters
who’ve had kiln accidents! I’ve found a few!

I was so danged lucky!

My door blew but other than that I lost one pot! And I was challenged by
the fact that the arched roof needed replaced. I’d never built a kiln! I
learned how and rebuilt that kiln, fired the ware again!

And learned that the gas had “puddled” in the kiln and never blew another
kiln up.

Thanks for the great stories. I love them. We are all human.

I just finished reading JUST MERCY in which the author talks about our

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