[Clayart] Virtually new Cone 10 Electric kiln for sale

John Rodgers jrodgers113 at gmail.com
Sun May 15 16:51:50 UTC 2022

This is a project kiln that for a variety of reasons I have not been able
to get finished. Now the time has come to part company with it. It is a
Duncan Model
716-1 and was purchased some 40 years ago for the purpose of firing china
paint. Her interest lasted about 3 months and she put the kiln in a closet
where it sat for years. While on other business I stumbled on this woman,
looked at her kiln, and took it off her hands. For all practical purposes
it was brand new and looked it too.
The kiln was limited to cone 6 and if I pushed firings to that I knew the
elements would not last. I contacted Arnold Howard, who was at Paragon at
the time, and asked him if the elements could be upgraded. Also of concern
was whether the bricks lining the kiln could stand additional heat. As it
turned out, Paragon had acquired Duncan Kilns, and Paragon Engineering gave
the ok on additional heat, and through Arnold, supplied me with cone 10
elements and hardware. I never used it. As a consequence, for all practical
purposes, I have a new Duncan kiln  with new CONE 10 elements and hardware,
the latter of which has yet to be installed. This kiln is set up to run on
220 V at 20 amps.  There  are two 15 inch shelves and 6 hiln posts with it.

If anyone might be interested in this it's on FB MARKETPLACE. I'm in
Birmingham, al.
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