[Clayart] Question about resizing/estimating clay for custom

Kathi Koester mrskathikoester at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 14:38:22 UTC 2022

Dear Clayart,

Occasionally, I have a repeat customer that wants something custom. Is
there a mathematical/way to estimate how many more pounds when you upsize?

If my normal lasagna pan is 6 pounds of clay, but the customer wants a
15”x4” Casserole - because they constantly entertain their 10 family
members who live in town - how many pounds should I try? 10?
(I know how much clay it takes for my various sizes of bowls, or utensil
holder vs wine chiller, or a cake pedestal. But I’m not in the habit of
making massively different sized casseroles.)
Also, the few 13”+ I have made over the years, I put a canvas custom cut on
my 15” wheel head (my wonderful Klopphenstein kickwheel) and then I dry it
on sheet rock.
Any helpful tips are welcome.
Kindest regards,
Kathi Koester
MAKNART Ceramics

Author: Our Piano Teacher ISBN: 978-1-64416-853-0
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