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Robert Santerre rfsanterre at gwi.net
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I sold my studio a couple of years ago.  I went into catalogs (mostly on
line) to determine what the current cost for a particular item (e.g., a
kiln, chemical, etc.) was and I priced my used kiln or chemical at 33% of
the current cost.  That seemed to work well, I could tell folks what it
would cost to own a particular item new and they could purchase my used item
for 1/3rd of that cost. The cost and value and my pricing was clear to them.

Bob  Arrowsic Island Pottery

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Afraid back pain is leading leading me to selling all my pottery equipment.
I was thinking asking 50% of what I paid. Is this reasonable or should I
expect less?
I plan to offer the whole studio including all tools,chemicals and glazes as
well as kiln accessories for a flat price.

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