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Hi Robert,
Good advice, "30%."
And it's my thinking and experience as well.
1/3 is the magic pocket opening number in most folk's mind.

 In Arisona my whacked out "Hoarder" neighbor would excitedly tell me he had acquired a million dollars worth of "stuff."
 I'd say, 'it's not worth anything unless you find a buyer and sell it for a million.  So right now, you have a million-dollar eyesore up there on the hill side, with nothing in your pocket.'

Same for the pottery studio sale under discussion.

Ken, what is being relieved of the stuff worth so you can move on to what you would enjoy being able to do.

As we adjust for increasing aging concerns, we find each day too precious to waste in haggling over stuff that is no longer useful to us.
If calculated from that standpoint, as a day you didn't waste, and count that as dollars earned or saved.
>From 50% to 30% soon becomes a wash doesn't it.
(And no this is not about me wanting to buy any of your stuff.)

Think also of the appreciation fellow Clay People will feel getting a good deal on things they need and can be productive with.
Who was that wise person who said:  "there is more happiness in giving than in receiving."

Related Side Note***I've been trying for years to offer Mel more happiness by persuading him to send me that unopened bag of Talc he's kept stored for 30 years.  Ha!
(FYI, he hates Talc) and...... (Woof hain't a'skeered of no Talc) I don't put it in my britches though!!!

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I sold my studio a couple of years ago.  I went into catalogs (mostly on
line) to determine what the current cost for a particular item (e.g., a
kiln, chemical, etc.) was and I priced my used kiln or chemical at 33% of
the current cost.  That seemed to work well, I could tell folks what it
would cost to own a particular item new and they could purchase my used item
for 1/3rd of that cost. The cost and value and my pricing was clear to them.

Bob  Arrowsic Island Pottery

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Afraid back pain is leading leading me to selling all my pottery equipment.
I was thinking asking 50% of what I paid. Is this reasonable or should I
expect less?
I plan to offer the whole studio including all tools,chemicals and glazes as
well as kiln accessories for a flat price.

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