[Clayart] firing to cone 10 in a cone 6 kiln

carol at knighten.org carol at knighten.org
Fri Nov 25 19:52:45 UTC 2022

Hi -

The kiln bricks and elements care about absolute temperature, the pots and
cones about heat work.  a very slow firing on the up part of the firing cycle
can get to cone 10 at a temperature well within the reach of a cone 6 kiln.

this firing protocol gets to cone 10 at 2220 deg F, which is well within the
capabiities of most cone 6 kilns:

  1.      150 deg F hr/ 250  deg F
  2.      400 deg F hr/ 1850 deg F
  3.      120 deg F hr/ 2130 deg F
  4.       13 deg F hr/ 2180 deg F / hold 2 hr
  5.       13 deg F hr/ 2220 deg F / hold 3.5 hr
  6.      300 deg F hr/ 2000 deg F / hold 3 hr
  7.      300 deg F hr/ 1725 deg F / hold 3 hr
  8.      25  deg F hr/ 1650 deg F / hold 1 hr

iron has very interesting reactions at high temperature, which are not
possible in a firing such as the above that crawls up to cone 10.  I have
established that much of the magic copper colored crystals won't develop in
the above firing.

Many of the high calcium glazes become greatly more nuanced in this firing.
I worked out this firing to accomodate these slow reactions, without going
above cone 10.

However the plate:


will likely do nicely in this firing as it doesn't depend on any of the high
temperature iron reactions.

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