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Sat Oct 1 19:54:32 UTC 2022

Mel!   I had to laugh, because the same thing just happened to me!  only
an electric kiln.  It's a 20 year old paragon, and after changing out the
once a year at Christmas time, the bricks on the bottom of the kiln were
broken. 7 cu ft.   When elements are new, they fit into the element grooves
easily!   After they reach  the point where they don't fire well, they are
in diameter, and are a pain to get out, especially when they keep snapping
you are trying to get them out.   (Please don't tell me to be more careful
them out, not in my nature, and I accept that).
 I have orders to fill all the time, so I kept the elements in place with
pins. After each firing, i would say, man, time to fix this..Nah,
looks tight, just one more. Two weeks ago, it wouldn't get up to temp. Uh
Opened the kiln, and the top string of the bottom element sagged just
enough to touch to bottom string, and wham-o!  melted wire fused into the
So, yup, should have done it.   That being said, it's a big job. means
the kiln completely apart, down to the floor.  So i got a couple of guys to
the top off and put it safely down on two sawhorses in the glaze area, and
proceeded to replace bricks.  a total of 18 bricks for the whole kiln.
Paragon was great at getting me the bricks fast!
 Since i completely re-did the electrical last year, and the control board
new, a new kiln is being born.
So yeah, i was laughing at myself, and now sharing a laugh with you. Joy!

Gregg Lindsley
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