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David Hendley said: "I will remain loyal to Clayart 'till the end (of either me or
the listserv)."

I too will remain loyal: I made that decision and commitment to Clayart back when Mel took the reins and became "Mayor with the 2 x 4" and our "watering hole" for our discussions was the "Ram's Head Pub."
Some rollicking good times I admit.... but always serious professional discussions and teaching of the science and methodology of Ceramics, Ceramic Art, and Studio Pottery.

The old archives are filled with our history, and much vital tutoring and inspiring Ceramic knowledge is available there.
Good Reading and study on a slow day when we are tapping our pencil and gnawing our nails wishing for a Clayart "fix"...or..... needing an answer to a current vexing difficulty.

Love to all,

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Technology is leaving Clayart behind.
I really like email. When I first joined Clayart in the 1990s I
submitted something to it almost every day. It was great
because it got me in the habit writing regularly.
So much so that I started writing articles for ceramic magazines.
I hadn't had a published article in probably 15 years, and then,
boom, 6 or 8 published articles in the next few years.

This progressed to becoming a regular columnist for Clay Times
magazine, which meant writing 6 columns a year, and President
of The Potter's Council of ACERS, which meant 4 columns a year
for the newsletter!
So yeah, Clayart gets the credit for my writing career.

Now, email has gone out of fashion. We oldsters still like it,
but for most people everything happens on their phone. Now
we have short, ungrammatical, sloppy text messages and the
expectation of an immediate reply.
I don't care to carry around a phone, and the result is that I
have family and good friends who send a text to my wife to
convey something to me. She doesn't like being involved.
How difficult would it be to send an email?

So the days of dozens of email messages every day on Clayart
are over. Another big deal is the lack of pictures on a listserv.
Many people communicate with photos more than words!

I will remain loyal to Clayart 'till the end (of either me or
the listserv).

David Hendley
david at farmpots.com

On 9/29/2022 5:21 AM, mel jacobson wrote:
> Clayart is doing its job.  Waiting for complex questions from any potter, clay worker.
> The problem is the society.  Folks are frightened to ask.  It is the same all over the
> country, in many fields. If you say the wrong thing, think the wrong thing, someone will attack
> you. And, they know they will always have the right answer...they are smarter than anyone else.
> (bullshit)
> The moderator is not frightened. No one can change my belief systems. They belong to me.
> Just because some elite person decides we should rip down the Lincoln Memorial, we do
> not have to do it.  Throw `them` out.
> We all have gone through some big changes in Ceramics. Years back we had wood kiln questions.
> Gas kiln questions....I spent three years of my life writing about gas kilns. Not too many folks
> are even interested any longer. We now speak of "computer programs" and what is best.

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