[Clayart] Black Iron Oxide

mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Sat Oct 8 13:12:27 UTC 2022

This summer I am discovering the use of black iron.
It seems to have been ignored for years. I have never
purchased any in my entire life....In May, Mike at MN clay
suggested the price of I.O. had really jumped, and the Spanish
was hard to get and almost triple in cost.
He then said, `why not use black`.  I was using
it to color clay and who cares what iron I use. Cheapest...and
Ochre jumped in price too.

That is how I came about making a black version of 5x20 and coating
it with a thin coat of white.

I am not firing the electric kiln to cone 6 here at the farm, but I am
confident the black iron will hold its color either soft reduction or
oxy.  I added another picture on the clayart page of my website.
Fully coated black with white over.

As I must admit, the gray color just showed up here at the farm, uninvited.
But, I will keep it.  Nice.  ( I want folks to realize I did not do some
big chemistry, measure to the gram study for gray glaze. I just happens to me.)

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