[Clayart] Black Iron Oxide

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Interesting with this black iron oxide..... on digitalfire.com , Tony
Hansen's site he discusses use of black iron instead of red iron to
produce iron red glazes in oxidation, cone 6.

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 Very interesting grey.


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 > On Oct 8, 2022, at 9:15 AM, mel jacobson  wrote:
 > This summer I am discovering the use of black iron.
 > It seems to have been ignored for years. I have never
 > purchased any in my entire life....In May, Mike at MN clay
 > suggested the price of I.O. had really jumped, and the Spanish
 > was hard to get and almost triple in cost.
 > He then said, `why not use black`. I was using
 > it to color clay and who cares what iron I use. Cheapest...and
 > Ochre jumped in price too.
 > That is how I came about making a black version of 5x20 and coating
 > it with a thin coat of white.
 > I am not firing the electric kiln to cone 6 here at the farm, but I
 > confident the black iron will hold its color either soft reduction
 > oxy. I added another picture on the clayart page of my website.
 > Fully coated black with white over.
 > As I must admit, the gray color just showed up here at the farm,
 > But, I will keep it. Nice. ( I want folks to realize I did not do
 > big chemistry, measure to the gram study for gray glaze. I just
happens to me.)
 > mel
 > website: www.melpots.com
 > www.melpots.com/CLAYART.HTML

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