[Clayart] Black Iron Oxide

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Yes to the rusting cans Jim!
and another free source is that for quite some years, I have burned paper trash in a steel 55 gal drum.   Several times a year I clean out the waste ash, and lay news print at the barrel bottom to catch the black iron oxide scale that has burned and loosened from the inside sides of the barrel when I whack the barrel to cause the B I Ox to fall.
A few thumps and bangs with a wooden club on the outside of the barrel and I have a new supply of Black Iron Oxide.
Because it is quite thoroughly oxidized in the burning process it crushes and grinds fine with minimal effort.

I know I could sell a pot and buy some, but I get a personal satisfaction from being hands on involved and I can control the "mesh" size.

Another source to burn to Black Iron Oxide is the drilling, grinding, and metal shop lathe turnings.

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Hi Mel,

I have a bucket that I put old coffee cans and water into. After a while i
have a supply of course iron oxide.


> This summer I am discovering the use of black iron.
> It seems to have been ignored for years. I have never
> purchased any in my entire life....In May, Mike at MN clay
> suggested the price of I.O. had really jumped, and the Spanish
> was hard to get and almost triple in cost.
> He then said, `why not use black`.  I was using
> it to color clay and who cares what iron I use. Cheapest...and
> Ochre jumped in price too.
> That is how I came about making a black version of 5x20 and coating
> it with a thin coat of white.
> I am not firing the electric kiln to cone 6 here at the farm, but I am
> confident the black iron will hold its color either soft reduction or
> oxy.  I added another picture on the clayart page of my website.
> Fully coated black with white over.
> As I must admit, the gray color just showed up here at the farm,
> uninvited.
> But, I will keep it.  Nice.  ( I want folks to realize I did not do some
> big chemistry, measure to the gram study for gray glaze. I just happens to
> me.)
> mel
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