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Hi Ginger,
220/240 volts are on the same circuit the Electric Power Company provides to your studio from their transformer.   220 to 240 volts is simply the voltage range they are committed to supply.

Grab that Kiln!  Secure a qualified electrician to help you hook it up, and fire it up.

And unless the elements are old and not heating well any longer as is, they do not need replacing.  220 to 240 volts is simply the voltage range these elements are designed to fire at.

The Electric Power Company simply promises to provide electrical power in the range of 220/240 volts and can vary between these voltages depending on other voltage demands in your immediate neighborhood. But this inconsequential variance will not noticeably affect your kiln's firing performance.

The most important concern for you is that the "circuit breaker" in your "electrical service panel (box)" is rated at the "correct amperage" for your kiln. These circuit breakers are not expensive and are installed or replaced easily by anyone who knows their way "around the box."

You should hire a qualified electrician, and stand by to watch and ask questions.

Most Kilns have a tag riveted to the kiln body that gives you the amperage rating for that particular kiln.

Of equal concern is having the correct wire gauge for supplying power.
Have a shut off switch of proper amperage rating installed within reach of the kiln.
And if the kiln is to be permanently situated in the studio, the safest wiring hook up is the "Hard Wired" connection, rather that the "male plug" to a "female receptacle" which can and have caused studio fires unless maintained properly.

Enjoy that Kiln,
David Woof
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I've been offered for free in good condition an older Cress Firemate
(FX27P) with 220 volts but the voltage in my new studio is 240.  I'm
wondering if it makes sense to take it and change the elements rather  than
buy a new kiln with a controller and sections.

I fire to Cone 6.


Ginger D-D
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