[Clayart] Ponder a priceless gem from the Clayart past!!!

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 19 05:30:42 UTC 2022

> On Mar 17, 2016, at 12:21 AM, Hank Murrow via Clayart wrote:
> >> When I got my reading specialist certification, I learned that all the methods of communication activate different areas of our brains. That means that we access different understandings depending on whether we speak, listen, write, or read. I have found that artistic creation also releases understandings and connections that enrich our lives. Writing does not cast ideas into concrete, it allows us to find other insights that are not available through other avenues. It may not be necessary to write about what we do, but it will certainly give us a broader understanding of what it is we do.
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