[Clayart] New personal achievement

Skrej Bulgar skrejmail at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 01:27:11 UTC 2022

Over the years, I've grown many a fine colony of mold, ranging from blues
to greens to yellows and blacks in my various slop buckets, slip containers
and bags of clay, running a gamut of smells from somewhat pleasant
earthiness to nose-hair curling putrification that would make not only the
most jaded coroner blanche, but shame the worst wet dog fart.

I am no more a professional biologist than I am a professional potter, but
I  can humbly attain a masterful level of absolutely effortless spore
generation without a second thought.

However, I have reached a new plateau of moldiness just recently which I'm
compelled to share with unabashed braggadocio:  I have, for the first time
in my professional hobbist career, grown a lovely green long bodied,
flowing mold in my....spray bottle!

It's actually kind of nice, as it sways gently in the turbulence when I
spritz down my pots.  Really, I should stick a couple of small snails and
maybe a minnow in it for a complete micro aquascape.

Alas, however, the water level in the bottle has fallen to the point it
barely covers the mossy mold/algae, which I suspect may be hampering
further upward expansion.

I'm torn between refilling the bottle completely and just setting it aside
under good lighting to see what heights might aspire, which requires going
to the trouble of finding another really good spray bottle, or just using
up the remaining water and seeing how tough this specimen really is.

It's really hard to find good spray bottles, and I don't remember where I
purchased this outstanding one.  I can't tolerate crappy spray bottles.
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