[Clayart] Powdery glaze coat

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I've used a solution of sugar and water to hold dry glaze in place on  
ware - it will "ridgidize" powdery glaze. Even mixing sugar or corn  
syrup to a glaze will do the same thing. The glaze will go "bad" and  
smell after a while.


Quoting David Woof <woofpots at hotmail.com>:

> "Cheap hair spray" as glaze smudge proof fixative.
> Great idea Eric,
> Only Caveat, one should test for burnt residue on glazes, as all  
> hair sprays may not be created equal.
> As  I'm set up to spray a slightly viscous form of liquid CMC  
> solution, I have never gone the hair spray route.
> But now thinking again, that you mention it: Having a quick and easy  
> spray can of cheap hair spray in the spray booth would be a welcomed  
> addition.   Or applied on that hard to not smudge piece too large to  
> fit in the spray booth.
> Time is becoming more ever more precious as time flees by.
> On a similar note, for years, I have used the cheap $1.98 spray cans  
> of Walmart red paint as a Red Iron Oxide spray.  Easy to control  
> build up etc etc.... of course, test...Test....test on a sacrificial  
> small test pot first.
> Misneach,
> David Woof...........who must get out in the  
> studio....NOW!!!...............................................................
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> I'm a fan of cheap hair spray as a fixative.
> Eric
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