[Clayart] Reduction of Carolyn's little pot?

David Woof woofpots at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 31 17:02:09 UTC 2022

Carolyn posted: "I still want to know how the heck that little 2" high bulbous bottle form
in my pre 1971 electric kiln firing ended up with red tones."

A chin stroking head scratcher....but likely not too mysterious if we think it through.

If it was a mouse nest or other combustibles hidden under the floor shelves in your electric kiln, the smoke you mention, would have been quite significant but likely too early in the firing to effect glaze reduction.
Also, why as you indicate, was only one miniature pot noticeably effected?

Carolyn, most likely you witnessed the intriguing effects of "localized fuming or flashing" of volatilizing differing glaze constituents exchanged between pots placed in close proximity in the setting.
A quite common example is the usually considered "horrendous" production of "PinK" effects between pots containing Tin in glaze recipes, and Chrome fuming from other pots.
Or the deliberately set pots glazed with significant percentages of Copper in an attempt to effect copper flashing/blushing on other pots set in close proximity.

Other techniques such as "Fuming" and "Striking" or Refiring at lower cone settings, etc...would require their own posting discussions to give the educational attention they deserve.

Understanding these techniques adds to our ability to identify, evaluate and interpret any unusual events or results in each of our firings.
"Unusual" always indicates significance for serious but curious and playful mind wandering (wondering) investigation.

David Woof...............................................................my Muse is big on Mystery as opposed to Mastery and I never know "who" she will be, or what she will try next.......to inspire imagination and curiosity.........................."keeping it alive" she says....................
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I still want to know how the heck that little 2" high bulbous bottle form
in my pre 1971  electric kiln firing  ended up  with  red  tones.  This
self taught (or rather,  taught by  lotsa books and mistakes)  potter   had
read about  flames coming from peepholes   but never experienced it until
that day.  If it was a  tiny  bit of wood or another errant  combustible in
the kiln,  I still find it  fascinating that reduction occurred.    No
silicon carbide around,  nothing different at all to my knowledge.  The
resultant red was not a gorgeous fit for the Emperor red,  but  it was
still definitely a reduction induced reddish  color.   Too bad I didn't
hold on to  it,  or one of  you glaze gurus could have analyzed a  shard or
something to solve the mystery.
 Ciao from  Carolyn, who is doing  her first miniature show in over 20
years with  1" high Greek vases and 1" high contemporary  forms reduced in
mini saggars  with  mini combustibles and mini bits of copper carb and
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