[Clayart] recent work,progress in leaf prints

Carolyn Curran cncpots2 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 7 00:51:19 UTC 2022

We had lovely stand of elephant ear plants  at our home while living in
NC.  They provided gorgeous texture, esp. the heavily veined underside of
leaves.   Eventually I made dual purpose plaster molds using the smooth
undersurface of mold  for wedging and the top side for textures.    One
Leaf imprint could  give me a mold maybe 18" long and almost as wide.  I
would roll out slabs wherever  I found sections  I wanted to use for a
particular piece.  The finished slabs  would yield  essentially one of a
kind designs.  Alas,  I had to leave the molds and the elephant ear plants
behind when I moved to PA  3 years ago  but  am never at a loss for new
ideas for my pottery even though age is catching up on me.
   Carolyn Curran
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