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I believe with traditional earthenware tableware the clay is bisque
fired hotter than the glaze firing to strengthen the clay, then a low
fire glaze formulated to fit the clay is applied to the entire piece
and each piece is fired on stilts at somewhat lower firing
temperature. With this type ware one can feel the stilt marks on the
foot/bottom of the pot.
Another way was raw firing, applying a low fire glaze, overall the
pot, on greenware and firing once to melt the glaze and strengthen the

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 Hi All -

 There has been a question of terra cotta utilitarian ware - how is it
made so
 its serviceable and doesn't leak. Inquiring minds are curious -

 In my childhood the common dimestore dishes were earthenware - coffee
 soup bowls, the whole 9 yards. The stuff didn't leak, so....

 How does one make utilitarian ware of low fire clay?

 I know there are folks on this list who know, please tell the rest
 of us.

 Carol in sunny the Dalles Oregon
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