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I am getting back into selling and am wondering if artists have now switched to digital business cards or are you still using the physical cards or postcards which were ubiquitous back when my wife and I were doing shows. 

Post cards with images worked for us back then but I wonder if that is too old fashioned for the modern world.

I still find paper business cards indispensable.  Nothing works as well for when an unexpected occasion arises.  I always keep 3 or 4 in my wallet.  Always.  Having to deal with any form of digital anything in those situations is just too distracting.  The business card comes out almost without interrupting the flow of conversation at all.

Post card still work in some situations.  Like in person situations like art fairs when you want something that gives more information and more images than you can put on a business card.  And I still mail post cards when I have my holiday sale.  I do email too, but the post card just reinforces that, and many of my customers are of a certain age, and don’t rely on electronic anything.
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