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mel jacobson melpots at mail.com
Mon Sep 19 19:21:18 UTC 2022

The most important thing to think about is; what do you do with invites to shows
and calling cards??

IN most cases they go out to recycle the same day.

So, come to reality, what should you invest in, and will it pay any dividends?

I call my calling card a "brag card".  It enhances the quality of your sale
to your customer.  Keep it simple, give your self some credit. (We do not hire
professionals to brag and build our reputation.)  If you are so shy you cannot
promote yourself and your pots...give it all up.  I pay myself to do that/ I ask anyone
that is interested to write their name and address on a scrap of paper. I will send them
an invite.  I have even asked them for an old blank check...rip off the name and address
and give them back the banking part.

If I send out a show card it is "post card price", it is black and white, well printed
and have my name address, web info etc. in the return address part.  I know three things
can happen.  They throw it out, no interest this time. They may put it on the fridg. that
is hopeful.  The serious ones will write the date on the family calendar. If one hundred
write down the date...I have a great sale.  I send about 700 cards, and keep the list updated
after each sale.  I use a simple mailing list program...stand alone.  I send first class post
card as each one that is stale, comes back to me.  I correct the list, save it three times on
flash drives. "Cannot lose that list".

I add a simple brag card, small and easy to read in each sale bag. I care not what they do with it.
But, I have always said..."if you are giving a wedding gift...make sure you add the card...it will
impress the bride. so, instead of spending 125 bucks at Macy's, buy a nice teapot or plate for 60 bucks.
and buy another pot for yourself. They do it. Makes them smile.

So, for Paul, he is going to be dealing with high end sales. Galleries, or collectors. He must use
digital information, make it simple and direct. He wants them to call "HIM".  I have to print a 1000 calling
cards. He needs 100.  And, there is so much junk mail in multi-color, shouting at you, piss you off that
a simple good white paper and deep black printing is classy. And these cards that come with tiny pictures
of 25 artists mean nothing. They cost an arm and leg. expensive. It is like junior high advertisements.
"Make sure we show a picture of everyone's pot..."  No, announce the show, list the participants, make
it inexpensive and send a great many of them.  It is all a crap shoot, and bad weather can destroy the sale.

It costs me about $250 to do a backyard sale. People coming early always pay my expenses during the week
of the sale.  We set up the sale on Wednesday, leave a jar on my studio table. drop in money and take some
pots.  I usually make $5 to 600 just while I set up the show. I always add Sunday to my sales.
"If bad weather, stop Sunday".  Most of my pots sell from noon on Friday til 1 pm Saturday.

I am usually out of most of my pots come Monday. My job is to sell pots. I do know how it is done.
Keep it simple, keep costs at a minimum, enjoy your customers...Love them. If they step on my deck
they will spend money. Get them there.  (square works, credit cards work.)
website: www.melpots.com

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