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Kathi said: "For clayart to continue we must cultivate......people to carry on,
and never give up teaching old & new..
I have learned so much even since rejoining Clayart 3 years ago!
Write your methods, keep sharing!"

Thanks, Kathi for your serious thoughtful post.

I remember when we were getting 80 to 100 or more posts per day.........Because folks were asking questions.
And the questions stimulated responding with answers and thus teaching and more questions followed.

In those bygone days not even the most elementary question was "too dumb" to be given a serious considered answer.
Because the most basic questions, in the hands of effective student driven teachers, were stepping stones to further exploration and discovery of ideas and....... more questions........more answers!!!!!

Thus the "lurkers" and "newbies" felt encouraged to join in the conversation.

And until a couple Self-appointed "Gods of all Ceramic knowledge" began a covert campaign to "smoothly" ridicule other contributors' wise voices, to silence them, or drive them away in disgust, we had a lively and edifying learning environment here on Clayart.

Kathi, I'm sure you will agree that though the last word regarding Ceramics will never be written, we don't need more books written. So none of us who have knowledge to share need to write another book.
We need questions to stimulate our sharing.
It's hard to imagine myself or anyone I know to just start posting thoughts, how to tips. and information as a shout out into the void.  Or the lone "Woof" howl into an empty echoing wilderness.

Why am I even writing this, given the obvious lack of activity on Clayart?

Did Clayart die while we all were out scratching where ever else we imagined we had an itch?
Since some folks aren't happy unless they are "mad," (Trolls take note) where else will you get offended like we can?
Who can whip up stupid circular but sometimes entertaining arguments like we can?

****Can folks get the sound scientific Ceramics advice from those other Ceramic sites such as "Clay Fuddies" or "Buddies" ad'nauseum, or whatever!!!!! that Clayart could again provide if we got our ducks back in a row?

And love to all,

David Woof...........................................Muse says Hi.....while trying to decide who she is today.........and if i try to outdo her at her own Game I always lose some skin one way or another......so best to try to ignore her shenanigans and let it ride....... Lesson...Never argue with your Muse.........
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Dear Clayart,
I affirm the values taught on Clayart are needed in the current world. I
was called to sub when the Ceramics teacher had emergency surgery. The
pugmills clogged and hundreds of pounds slurry in buckets. I taught all the
students the old Set out to stiffen then Cut&Slam method = perfect, usable
throwing clay! A saving grace because their shipment hadn’t arrived when i
started, but we kept reclaiming until it was ALL usable clay. 5 minutes per
student per day x 1 1/2 weeks of classes.
All old & new methods are needed! How to make a circle without protractor,
How to gauge “same size” with found wood sticks, trimming with water
suction ir clay balls, humps, chucks or Giffin grips - all ways needed for
various shapes.
For clayart to continue we must cultivate your legacy people to carry on,
and never give up teaching old & new. If 85% quit once the furnished studio
is gone/graduated, the knowledge is lost.
I have learned so much even since rejoining Clayart 3 years ago!
Write your methods, keep sharing! (Vince already has, and during 2020
shutdown i printed many of his website articles into a reference binder;)
What other ceramic topics are on peoples minds? Besutiful Fall weather and
raku/wood/salt/refuction outdoor firings? Me too :)
Keep poking at the topics!
Kindest Regards,
Mrs. Kathi Koester_MN

On Thu, Sep 15, 2022 at 10:44 AM David Woof <woofpots at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Ed sez: "Is Clayart on the blink"
> Ed, it's most likely that Clayarters are all "on the Blink" or all "dead"
> except for Carol, Vince, you, me, and Mel who is ...........???
> Ed, you and myself are "on the Blink" most of the time anyway!
> Perhaps Mel can be induced to deny or confirm any of the preceding
> suggestive blather.
> What say you, Mel?
> What say you Clayarters?........ We have a tradition to uphold and carry
> forward!!!
> Your's truly,
> Ed's favorite "Dirty Skunk"
> Numpa Wa'shj'oong Pa'hee
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> Is Clayart on the blink
> Edouard
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